Sunday, August 26, 2012

Never give up

Look at her over there:

She presses onward in spite of the pain,
continuing deeds to insure others' gains;
with needle and string, her fingers don't quit-
her afflictions, they seem not to hinder a bit.
But I see it all--far beyond any 'craft,'
I live through those moments when she hasn't laughed;
I hold her when she cannot hold any string,
and I try to be music when she cannot sing.
And we know One greater Who holds her always.
He gives us assurance of happier days!
He whispers of when we won't hurt anymore,
and blesses with glimpses of that precious shore!

How great her reward for the trials that are.
How close that oasis appearing so far!
These tragedies-oh, but so minor to be
when we reflect on them from eternity!

We MUST keep the bigger picture in sight!
Yes, I know it hurts.  I am in pain, too.  I cannot explain why...but I must press on.  You must press on.  We must press on! 
God is fully aware of all that we are going through on our way to Him.  Too, I have learned to be empathetic to the one that hurts, in this case my wife, lest a greater pain should befall me.
I am so blessed.  We are so blessed.  YOU are so blessed...just look around.

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