Saturday, August 18, 2012

Morning Come

How glorious the Presence of the Lord in the earliest!
How unfortunate that we do not enjoy this hour with Him more often.

Waiting on the morn to rise...
"it finally dawned on me."

There, across the eastern skies,
the beauty, oh, to see!
But more beautiful, the One
with Whom the time is spent;
more blessed than the garden bloom
and its wondrous scent!
And 'tis amongst the blooms I walk
with Him, living so.
Serenity and hope and joy
so blessed e'er to know!
Just a gaze into His face
reveals unto my soul
that He is omnipresent as
I strive toward the goal!

In the rising of the morn,
before is started day,
precious time with Him Who is
the Truth, the Life, the Way.
Investing time unto eternal,
there, with Him once more;
there to know Him, hand-in-hand,
along the Golden Shore!

Rise up...EARLY!  See and know the Presence of Jesus before anything else in the day.  It will alter the day's course for the better!

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