Thursday, August 16, 2012

More to Life

Oh what passion, You took my place--
Suffered and died to show me grace!
You gave up all to give the same...
o glorious passion for any to claim!

But what about the passion I be
living in return?
Do I commit my everything,
or, my deeds, would He spurn?
Will He say unto Me "Well done!"
when He returns that Day?
Again, that holy passion must be
more than "on display!"

How passionate be Jesus when
He thinks of such as we!
He gives and gives and gives again
so very selflessly!
He does so very much for me,
and yet He does the same
for ANYONE who humbly bows
and calls out His great Name!

How passionate--He took my place-
my sin and shame for to erase;
a thing of beauty to create-
Jesus Christ, so good, so great!

So great!  Jesus is everything...for even YOU!!  Give your heart and life to Him and watch what He can make of it! 
You will not be disappointed!

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