Sunday, August 5, 2012

Missed truths

Soft and subtle comes the Lord
to habitat with me;
His tabernacle is secure
inside my heart to be;
not another occupant
shall be allowed to dwell;
perfect be the residence
with Jesus there to tell!

Soft and subtle comes the Lord--
a Gentleman is He.
He comes not "barging through the door"
accusing, cursing me;
He loves me way too much, there is
no condemnation thence!
I turn from that which is contrary,
grace, my recompense.

Soft and subtle--blessed be
the Lord, Creator God!
He is the One Who justifies,
my life does He applaud!
How wonderful, the living truths
revealed in His place!
Soft and subtle, Jesus Christ,
the One Who saves by grace!

Jesus Christ.  Often misunderstood.  Too often.
Jesus comes to love, to save, to heal.  Let Him!
He wants everything good for you.  He has everything needed for your good. 
Don't miss these truths!

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