Wednesday, August 22, 2012

His Example

How come you pray?
Why do you call on Jesus Christ?
God is so much...and more and more each day!

I call upon my only King
when forces do invade;
when something comes that shouldn't be,
and, fearful, I am made,
His Majesty is all I need-
all-powerful Defense;
speaking out His Mighty Name
does bring the victory hence!
And I do call upon my Friend
when I am all alone;
and He sets everything aside
and steps down from His throne.
He comes down to my very side
wherever I would be,
and, holding me so very close,
He shares His love with me!
I also call upon my Lord
when everything is right!
For always He is in my heart
and I am in His sight!
I need not be afflicted so,
to call upon His Name,
to hear the praises of this man
is also why He came!

Yes, I call on Jesus Christ,
He's all of the above!
My King, my Friend, my Happiness,
my synonym for LOVE!
Though I chose to let Him in,
chosen yet am I
to be so blessed with everything
my Savior does supply!

Why Jesus?  WHY NOT!  He is everything!

1 comment:

Carmy said...

I love this one Jim, thank you for writing makes me smile.