Saturday, August 11, 2012

He responds!

After affirming to Him my desire, Jesus responds to me with assurances that cause me to cry out

"Not only what I am in You,
but what I shall become!
As I conform to that of You,
how beautiful the sum!
Nothing of my own may I
take credit for or boast,
but God, but God, with You alive
I am the very most!

Yes, Lord, to be all I can be
with only You always!
You cause this man to get the most
from each and all my days!
But God, but God, so much, much more
You're waiting to avail
in that Place of majesty
that waits beyond the veil!

All I am in You because
You are alive inside.
You see success, Lord, even when
it seems to be denied!
You cause success so far above
what we may only 'see;'
in You, alone, o Father God,
to be all we can be!"

Have you heard Him respond to your prayers?  He does!  Just listen.
Once you tune your heart to His voice and yield your life to Him, all day long can become a constant conversation!

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