Monday, August 27, 2012

First Again

So many opportunities today to see Him.
So many opportunities today to share Him.
So much time right now to spend with Him!
It's the greatest thing that I may do today...

Early yet once more...
what is the moment for?
Creation comes alive-
to prosper and to thrive!
Behold the living land.
It celebrates His hand!
How many understand
and heed His great command?

Early yet once more.
What are you living for?
Eight hours more to seek?
Just five days make a week?
But wait, before you go,
God's Presence come to know!
Creation bids invite,
His Presence to delight!

Yes, so very much to do today.  But I promise you that if you take a moment to sit with God and listen, it will NOT be time lost or opportunity missed, it will be the most important part of your day, and all else shall be added unto you!

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