Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Facing Storms

Upon the ocean on this day
there is a welcome calm-
reminiscent unto me
of being in His palm!
For that is the epitome
of peace in this short life;
and, with the sound and motion here,
I have no room for strife!

Surely, it is easy to
relax with such as this.
The sights and sounds and scents that are,
you really cannot miss!
But what about when storms arise
and you are tossed about?
Is it true that, at such times,
such peace you are without?
I know One Who made provision
for peace even then!
For when I face those very storms,
His arms do I rest in!
Though I may press on through the storm,
yet do I stay afloat
Because the Master Savior I have
with me in the boat!

Him, Who guides me then and now
can also guide your life!
Just call upon His mighty Name
and hand Him all your strife.
He'll replace it with Himself
and new life will begin,
then never will you have to sail though
storms alone again!

Yes, call out to Jesus and cling to Him with all your heart!  He will guide you safely through whatever storm arises!
Jesus Christ.  THE One Who rides upon the storm!  But remember, He is also there when all is calm!


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