Sunday, August 26, 2012

Emotion...yet much more!

Darrell, the instructor, made us yet more keenly aware of a most precious gift we have this morning: prayer.  It is NOT monologue, it is dialogue!  Rather, it SHOULD BE dialogue!  Without the ability to communicate with God, what would prayer life be?  And more than just 'words,'

Much more than 'emotion,' oh,
but that within to churn!
It is communication, true,
this I've come to learn!
That so very deep inside,
so constantly to burn-
don't you know, it is my very
heart and spirit's yearn?!
Yearning to transmit to Him
everything of me...
yearning just to verbalize
all that I can see...
and all that is within, without
that none may vocalize
that is such a churning only
thought can realize!

But all of it is unto Him,
the yearning and the thought.
It would suffice minus the
emotions, would it not?
But He made us human, thus
it is with feeling, too:
our relationship, but ever
beautiful and new!

Thanks, Darrell, for the fresh reminders of how much God wants to commune with us, communicate with us, and bless us with more of Himself.

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