Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Deep Music

Songs of adoration rise
with verses of thanksgiving!
"Thank You, Lord, for saving me
that I could know real living!
There is not another Lord,
no, there is none like You!
You are so very beautiful,
so faithful and so true!"

Songs of adoration flow-
no effort is to be!
"Lord, the praises of my heart
are Yours exclusively!
All that I have, all that I am
is only due Your grace!
I want more and more of You,
I want to see Your face!"

Songs of adoration are
and they shall ever be!
"Lord, all living is to praise You
for eternity!
Because You are so glorious,
because You are so real!
Heaven be the only place,
Your fullness, to reveal!"

Can you hear those songs of adoration?  They come from deep within a grateful heart. 
Is there something in your life that is hindering those songs?  Jesus is the answer to whatever it is!     
Let your songs rise to Him!

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