Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Confess and affirm

Life goes on...smooth sailing...always?  Of course not. 
However, with God on your side and Jesus in your heart, whatever the course contains is somehow tolerable as you acknowledge Their Presence and participation in it.

Accompany and stable me
as life continues on.
See to it that all stresses, Lord,
would be completely gone!
You are God alone and You
have all things in Your hand,
to cede to You control is something
that I understand!

Yes, You are God alone, and You
possess complete control.
You cause my day to be successful,
and You make me whole!
I am Yours, You are mine,
we have each other, Lord!
I only have to speak Your Name
to verify accord!

Stabilize me, oh my God,
mine every step contain.
Each word and thought and deed that I
commit to You ordain.
I give You all as You give all
into my life always.
Let all my living be to give
unto You all due praise!

Give God the glory.  Know Him in everything you do and all that happens.  Somehow, He will cause you to realize that He is there...even in the most dire of circumstances.

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