Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The glory and the Majesty
to seize life yet once more;
the spectacle and awe of Him!
The silence and the roar.
The terror of His Presence-
the welcome of the same
contribute to the marvel as I
cry out Jesus' Name!

"Jesus," come to save and rescue
from the endless pain...
"Jesus," come to purify
and guarantee our gain...
"Jesus," come to listen and to
hear the words of all...
"Jesus," come in answer to
each genuine, real call.

And at the mention of His Name
the splendor overtakes;
emotions rise at vision of Him;
feel life as it shakes!
only to be stabilized
inside of His embrace;
feel His mighty, loving arms...
look into His face!!

The glory and the Majesty-
so personal, so real!
Nothing of Himself now would He
seek for to conceal!
Already is He seeing me
in actuality;
so awesome and so beautiful
is Jesus Christ to me!

Have you been this close to God before?
Try it!  You will never be the same again!
Fear reverence, not horror!  He loves you and desires to be this close to you...and closer!
Can you handle that?

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Again

So many opportunities today to see Him.
So many opportunities today to share Him.
So much time right now to spend with Him!
It's the greatest thing that I may do today...

Early yet once more...
what is the moment for?
Creation comes alive-
to prosper and to thrive!
Behold the living land.
It celebrates His hand!
How many understand
and heed His great command?

Early yet once more.
What are you living for?
Eight hours more to seek?
Just five days make a week?
But wait, before you go,
God's Presence come to know!
Creation bids invite,
His Presence to delight!

Yes, so very much to do today.  But I promise you that if you take a moment to sit with God and listen, it will NOT be time lost or opportunity missed, it will be the most important part of your day, and all else shall be added unto you!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Never give up

Look at her over there:

She presses onward in spite of the pain,
continuing deeds to insure others' gains;
with needle and string, her fingers don't quit-
her afflictions, they seem not to hinder a bit.
But I see it all--far beyond any 'craft,'
I live through those moments when she hasn't laughed;
I hold her when she cannot hold any string,
and I try to be music when she cannot sing.
And we know One greater Who holds her always.
He gives us assurance of happier days!
He whispers of when we won't hurt anymore,
and blesses with glimpses of that precious shore!

How great her reward for the trials that are.
How close that oasis appearing so far!
These tragedies-oh, but so minor to be
when we reflect on them from eternity!

We MUST keep the bigger picture in sight!
Yes, I know it hurts.  I am in pain, too.  I cannot explain why...but I must press on.  You must press on.  We must press on! 
God is fully aware of all that we are going through on our way to Him.  Too, I have learned to be empathetic to the one that hurts, in this case my wife, lest a greater pain should befall me.
I am so blessed.  We are so blessed.  YOU are so blessed...just look around.

Emotion...yet much more!

Darrell, the instructor, made us yet more keenly aware of a most precious gift we have this morning: prayer.  It is NOT monologue, it is dialogue!  Rather, it SHOULD BE dialogue!  Without the ability to communicate with God, what would prayer life be?  And more than just 'words,'

Much more than 'emotion,' oh,
but that within to churn!
It is communication, true,
this I've come to learn!
That so very deep inside,
so constantly to burn-
don't you know, it is my very
heart and spirit's yearn?!
Yearning to transmit to Him
everything of me...
yearning just to verbalize
all that I can see...
and all that is within, without
that none may vocalize
that is such a churning only
thought can realize!

But all of it is unto Him,
the yearning and the thought.
It would suffice minus the
emotions, would it not?
But He made us human, thus
it is with feeling, too:
our relationship, but ever
beautiful and new!

Thanks, Darrell, for the fresh reminders of how much God wants to commune with us, communicate with us, and bless us with more of Himself.

Friday, August 24, 2012

See Only Him

Oh, the many sights and all
the ways in which to see.
Yet, many times, I lack to view
what is supposed to be.
The answers, though, before mine eyes,
I do not understand;
I must spend more time listening
and giving less command...

In search of His mighty arm
I miss His shelt'ring palm...
in begging for deliverance
I miss that tranquil calm...
in pursuit of healing I
lose sight of Him that heals...
in search of revelation I
lose sight of Who reveals...
in asking for provision, the
Provider, oft, I spurn.
Should I refrain from 'solid food'
'til this, again, I learn?
At times, in zeal, I pray and miss
that peace that passes all

when I should only shut my mouth
and wait for it to fall!

Should I need a healing, see
the healing One instead!
And shall I lack provision, see
the One Who brings the bread!
My needs will evermore be met
out of His supply,
then shall He not be that alone
on which I cast mine eye?

Don't lose focus.  Don't lose sight of God the Provider when seeking provision!  His Word is explicit in revealing that He knows our every need even before we do!
Trust Him!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Onward Led

Hmmm...what shall this day contan...

I look upon the turbulence
about to render strife,
then so high above, from whence
comes Him Who bringeth life!
Whence also is serenity
in Him Who lives above,
whence we shall spend eternity
in perfect peace and love!
And when such is in my sight,
the turbulence is not!
Heaven's promises, so bright,
outshine the tumult wrought!
I stand upon this promise firm
as I face what's ahead;
that peace and love to e'er affirm
being onward led!

Ever on...God sees the storm that is in your path.  He is God over even the elements!  Stay true to Your calling.  He will see it to fruition.

Perfect Words

Ahh...the challenge once again...that 'compulsion' so deep within to record God, His glory and His ways!

"Oh, to be exacting in
a narrative of Thee.
Explicit in recounting awe
and reverence that be!
So oft would I endeavor words
and Thee and Thy ways-
that often I to come up short,
evasive so the phrase!

"But why is that within me e'er
pursuant of such task?"
This, my soul, so constantly,
of my mind, to ask!
I have another language that
expresses it so well,
but to convey such on this sheet-
such to, this man, compel!
Yet, until the day that I,
the accurate, obtain,
shall I revert, yea, introvert
Thy wonders to explain!
Apparently, much greater, higher,
are the words to know
than all that this, my humanness,
so far's allowed to go!

That wonderful prayer language that the Holy Spirit gives!  Use it constantly!  What a wonderful way into the heart of God!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Facing Storms

Upon the ocean on this day
there is a welcome calm-
reminiscent unto me
of being in His palm!
For that is the epitome
of peace in this short life;
and, with the sound and motion here,
I have no room for strife!

Surely, it is easy to
relax with such as this.
The sights and sounds and scents that are,
you really cannot miss!
But what about when storms arise
and you are tossed about?
Is it true that, at such times,
such peace you are without?
I know One Who made provision
for peace even then!
For when I face those very storms,
His arms do I rest in!
Though I may press on through the storm,
yet do I stay afloat
Because the Master Savior I have
with me in the boat!

Him, Who guides me then and now
can also guide your life!
Just call upon His mighty Name
and hand Him all your strife.
He'll replace it with Himself
and new life will begin,
then never will you have to sail though
storms alone again!

Yes, call out to Jesus and cling to Him with all your heart!  He will guide you safely through whatever storm arises!
Jesus Christ.  THE One Who rides upon the storm!  But remember, He is also there when all is calm!


His Example

How come you pray?
Why do you call on Jesus Christ?
God is so much...and more and more each day!

I call upon my only King
when forces do invade;
when something comes that shouldn't be,
and, fearful, I am made,
His Majesty is all I need-
all-powerful Defense;
speaking out His Mighty Name
does bring the victory hence!
And I do call upon my Friend
when I am all alone;
and He sets everything aside
and steps down from His throne.
He comes down to my very side
wherever I would be,
and, holding me so very close,
He shares His love with me!
I also call upon my Lord
when everything is right!
For always He is in my heart
and I am in His sight!
I need not be afflicted so,
to call upon His Name,
to hear the praises of this man
is also why He came!

Yes, I call on Jesus Christ,
He's all of the above!
My King, my Friend, my Happiness,
my synonym for LOVE!
Though I chose to let Him in,
chosen yet am I
to be so blessed with everything
my Savior does supply!

Why Jesus?  WHY NOT!  He is everything!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Morning Come

How glorious the Presence of the Lord in the earliest!
How unfortunate that we do not enjoy this hour with Him more often.

Waiting on the morn to rise...
"it finally dawned on me."

There, across the eastern skies,
the beauty, oh, to see!
But more beautiful, the One
with Whom the time is spent;
more blessed than the garden bloom
and its wondrous scent!
And 'tis amongst the blooms I walk
with Him, living so.
Serenity and hope and joy
so blessed e'er to know!
Just a gaze into His face
reveals unto my soul
that He is omnipresent as
I strive toward the goal!

In the rising of the morn,
before is started day,
precious time with Him Who is
the Truth, the Life, the Way.
Investing time unto eternal,
there, with Him once more;
there to know Him, hand-in-hand,
along the Golden Shore!

Rise up...EARLY!  See and know the Presence of Jesus before anything else in the day.  It will alter the day's course for the better!


Early once again...
Shadows are not quite yet as the sun has not peeked over the horizon...
and as I watch, I think of something else that is looming...

My hands, they comfort one another
as I yet await...
my feet await command from me
to specify their gait...
my ears, they tingle as I long,
instruction, to receive...
mine eyes are fixed upon the east
for that which I believe!

My hope, my hope, a promise, yea,
and more and more each day!
Anticipation, it will cease
and I will fly away!
Away into the Heaven that
He made for us by hand
where is treasure without measure-
o what Gloryland!!

Awake, o trump of Gabriel
to sound upon His word
once the Father, Son and
Holy Spirit have concurred!
We await and we prepare
to meet Him in the air,
then, with the Tri-une evermore,
to celebrate and share!

That sound is closer than we think.
His Word tells us to be prepared for it at all times.  However, my spirit bears witness of its urgency with excitement!
Can you feel it?

Friday, August 17, 2012

O, That Place!

The end of a long day.  Weary. 
So many things accomplished, yet so many desires remain:

"Carry me, o carry me
unto that blest retreat!
There to be my strength anew,
there to be complete!
There to be accompanied,
never there alone;
carry me, o carry me
again unto the Throne.

Strengthen me, o strengthen me
with that which be divine;
that nourishment beyond description
from the Living Vine!
In it, my sufficiency,
whatever be the task;
strengthen me, o strengthen me
til, at the Throne, I bask!

Rapture me, o rapture me
then at the Trumpet sound!
As I have faithful been to Thee,
as, in Thee, I am found!
I dedicate my life to Thee,
o Savior of my soul!
Rapture me, o rapture me
when glory bells, they toll!"

Yes, that beautiful Day is coming soon!
Until then, Jesus provides rest for the weary.
Trust Him for that rest today...and forever!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

More to Life

Oh what passion, You took my place--
Suffered and died to show me grace!
You gave up all to give the same...
o glorious passion for any to claim!

But what about the passion I be
living in return?
Do I commit my everything,
or, my deeds, would He spurn?
Will He say unto Me "Well done!"
when He returns that Day?
Again, that holy passion must be
more than "on display!"

How passionate be Jesus when
He thinks of such as we!
He gives and gives and gives again
so very selflessly!
He does so very much for me,
and yet He does the same
for ANYONE who humbly bows
and calls out His great Name!

How passionate--He took my place-
my sin and shame for to erase;
a thing of beauty to create-
Jesus Christ, so good, so great!

So great!  Jesus is everything...for even YOU!!  Give your heart and life to Him and watch what He can make of it! 
You will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Deep Music

Songs of adoration rise
with verses of thanksgiving!
"Thank You, Lord, for saving me
that I could know real living!
There is not another Lord,
no, there is none like You!
You are so very beautiful,
so faithful and so true!"

Songs of adoration flow-
no effort is to be!
"Lord, the praises of my heart
are Yours exclusively!
All that I have, all that I am
is only due Your grace!
I want more and more of You,
I want to see Your face!"

Songs of adoration are
and they shall ever be!
"Lord, all living is to praise You
for eternity!
Because You are so glorious,
because You are so real!
Heaven be the only place,
Your fullness, to reveal!"

Can you hear those songs of adoration?  They come from deep within a grateful heart. 
Is there something in your life that is hindering those songs?  Jesus is the answer to whatever it is!     
Let your songs rise to Him!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Day before is light;
peace for to delight!
Glory to abound-
living to resound.

In life before most living
God is freely giving;
and all that are awake,
of mercies, they partake.
Life is not the same
in the approaching flame!
SO busy and so still-
His morning to instill.

Day before is light;
in God to take delight!
The Maker of the day-
involved in every way!

Rise up!  Behold the awe and spectacle of life and living before you start living!  God is alive and working at all hours...even in the beautiful day before is light!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

He responds!

After affirming to Him my desire, Jesus responds to me with assurances that cause me to cry out

"Not only what I am in You,
but what I shall become!
As I conform to that of You,
how beautiful the sum!
Nothing of my own may I
take credit for or boast,
but God, but God, with You alive
I am the very most!

Yes, Lord, to be all I can be
with only You always!
You cause this man to get the most
from each and all my days!
But God, but God, so much, much more
You're waiting to avail
in that Place of majesty
that waits beyond the veil!

All I am in You because
You are alive inside.
You see success, Lord, even when
it seems to be denied!
You cause success so far above
what we may only 'see;'
in You, alone, o Father God,
to be all we can be!"

Have you heard Him respond to your prayers?  He does!  Just listen.
Once you tune your heart to His voice and yield your life to Him, all day long can become a constant conversation!

Friday, August 10, 2012

This is my Desire

Another early morning...
one more opportunity to shine for God.
First things first:

"This is my desire, Lord,
my single-most resolve,
to become much more like You,
mine everything involve!
The ways of You become my own,
conforming to Your will;
Your mores and Your attitudes
so deep in me instill.
Lord, overtake my humanness
with all that You possess.
Cause the words and deeds of me
to minister and bless.
Not to glorify myself,
but, God, to honor You!
You are worthy of my life, yes,
ALL I say and do!

This is my desire, Lord,
mine everything to give!
Without Your touch upon my life
I could not even live!
Be all that You can be within
so I can give my all!
Jesus, I am Yours, and I
commit unto Your call!"

God is committed to my success today.  Am I?
Am I ready to give my all so that He can get the glory?
Whose glory am I really seeking?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Confess and affirm

Life goes on...smooth sailing...always?  Of course not. 
However, with God on your side and Jesus in your heart, whatever the course contains is somehow tolerable as you acknowledge Their Presence and participation in it.

Accompany and stable me
as life continues on.
See to it that all stresses, Lord,
would be completely gone!
You are God alone and You
have all things in Your hand,
to cede to You control is something
that I understand!

Yes, You are God alone, and You
possess complete control.
You cause my day to be successful,
and You make me whole!
I am Yours, You are mine,
we have each other, Lord!
I only have to speak Your Name
to verify accord!

Stabilize me, oh my God,
mine every step contain.
Each word and thought and deed that I
commit to You ordain.
I give You all as You give all
into my life always.
Let all my living be to give
unto You all due praise!

Give God the glory.  Know Him in everything you do and all that happens.  Somehow, He will cause you to realize that He is there...even in the most dire of circumstances.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pain again...

Beyond the wracking of my body
by this cruel life,
there is One Who gives reward
for every kind of strife...
beyond the taxing of emotions
often to arise,
I am offered sweet embrace
from far beyond the skies!

Too often do the winds arise
attempting to disrupt,
ah, but there is harbor in
the One with Whom I've supped!
He sees the wind, He sees the storm,
He even rides the same,
and victory and comfort, they are
mine, in Him, to claim!

Beyond the pending damage of
whatever lies ahead
I see the end result and unto
victory I'm led!
Right beside me is The One
assisting me along,
but right INSIDE me is the same,
I LIVE His very song!

KEEP PRESSING ON!  Yes, it hurts.  No, it may not fair!  But there are priceless promises and assurances that it will all be over soon and it will be worth it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh, that sound!

Listen...that sound...
What is that sound so constant,
falling from above?
Be it that unending sound
unto the God of love?
And that gentle whisper
'neath them as they sing-
is it not the gentle flutter
of the rushing wing?
Therefore, to be silent
while in the presence of
Him Who is Almighty,
Him Whose Name is Love!
More to be translated
in quiet than in word;
yea, answers of the Spirit
there to be occurred!

Angels watching over me.  Angels watching over you.
It is not just promise, it is truth!!
Keep in mind as you go about your day today that you may be entertaining angels!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Missed truths

Soft and subtle comes the Lord
to habitat with me;
His tabernacle is secure
inside my heart to be;
not another occupant
shall be allowed to dwell;
perfect be the residence
with Jesus there to tell!

Soft and subtle comes the Lord--
a Gentleman is He.
He comes not "barging through the door"
accusing, cursing me;
He loves me way too much, there is
no condemnation thence!
I turn from that which is contrary,
grace, my recompense.

Soft and subtle--blessed be
the Lord, Creator God!
He is the One Who justifies,
my life does He applaud!
How wonderful, the living truths
revealed in His place!
Soft and subtle, Jesus Christ,
the One Who saves by grace!

Jesus Christ.  Often misunderstood.  Too often.
Jesus comes to love, to save, to heal.  Let Him!
He wants everything good for you.  He has everything needed for your good. 
Don't miss these truths!