Saturday, July 7, 2012

Words for naught?

I can feel it.
There is 'something' inside crying out to be written down!!
The leading of the Holy say what?

"To capture Your intensity-
again to make attempt.
Containing You in written word-
would it not be contempt?
The splendor of Your handiwork,
the wonder of Your ways:
everywhere is vision to
continually amaze!
Oh, those mighty moments that
cannot be said in verse!
Walking in Your majesty-
how long for to rehearse?
And where is that ability
to say what's in Your eyes?!
Again, what disability
is verse to realize!

And once more, Your intensity
to drive the very pen!
How can be captured Your emotion
by mere, mortal men?!
Your countenance alone to prove
Your passion for this man--
silence even to reveal
Your passion and Your plan!"

That's done.
But still, there is that within which is still...unsatisfied.  The writer still is led to pen something else that glorifies God!

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