Sunday, July 15, 2012


Taken to a place alone.  Alone?
Taken to a desolate place.  Desolation?
Taken to this place for a reason yet unknown...but fully known to Him!
Therefore, all the more shall I cling to Him, knowing there is a reason for all of this!
Where are you?  What does it look like where you are?  What are you using to look with?

Seeing yet again with eyes
that one cannot explain;
seeing that which anybody
else might see as 'plain;'
God has put me in this place
to see and also learn;
this I know: His placement wise
I shall not ever spurn!

Being in the wilderness...
never, though, alone!
Faithful, God, to see that I,
at least something, am shown.
Even if it's only be
His Presence in this place,
I am very fortunate
to here receive His grace!

Seeing yet again with eyes
provided by the Spirit;
being told such treasured truth,
if only I will hear it!
grace on grace becomes my own
as such life I receive;
this 'vision,' it belongs to all
who truly will believe!

Go to that place.  Don't avoid it.
Believe what God tells you and shows you.  It's for your good!
It will make all the difference in your life!

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