Friday, July 20, 2012


Once more, sin to rear its ugly head.
Once again, so many people in so many places crying out in pain.
And here am I, miles away from tragedy, yet hurting and crying out all the more.
Why?  Why?  Why?  WHY?  WHY?!

Why is evil to recoil
and lash out at the good?
Why is it not stopped by any?
(As if it even could?)
Pain is broadcast far and wide
by means so very good;
it drives us to our very knees
as everybody should!

Wickedness once more arises,
but its days are short!
The enemy knows his demise,
is this a last resort?
Pain, however, sees the brunt
and seeks relief always-
we must reach out to them that hurt
regardless of the ways!

"Why is evil to recoil...?"
will the question die?
But God, BUT GOD did not want this
and He is there on high!
Reach out, reach out to Him!  His arms
are reaching unto all,
and He is right there answering
each heart to Him to call.

So many few answers...such is life?
NO!  That's what the enemy wants us to believe!
In defiance of said evil, may we seek and do good in all of our ways.

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