Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That Prod!

Again, the journey beckons.
I can't stay here.  There is nothing for me.  Well, yes, there is something here for me, but it is surely not His best!
Am I going to let go of the 'comfortable' to obtain the 'superior?'

Again, the Spirit leads.
God knows all the needs.
He has the very best
for His Own, so blest!

It doesn't 'feel' the same:
discomfort...and there's pain!
The Lead yet to persist,
it's futile to resist.

Why do I even ponder resisting when I KNOW that God the Holy Spirit is leading me somewhere?
Because it's comfortable here!  It's familiar here. 
Where are you?
Are you in a 'comfort zone' that is keeping you from something greater?

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