Monday, July 23, 2012

Solitary Confinement?

In a quiet place...

Isolated once again,
so far away from "real;"
anything to be 'familiar'
life would yet conceal;
in a room uncomfortable
for another night?
But God, BUT GOD to conquer all
and keep us in His light!

Isolation isn't, for
He lives, He lives within!
My senses are deflected as
He fellowships again.
His conversation takes my focus
to a higher plane;
His grace again to stabilize
and serve to keep us sane!

In a quiet place
apart from daily race
partaking of His grace
looking in His face.
All fear is in the past...
faith is firmly cast!
To Jesus Christ I cling--
we conquer everything!

In a quiet place...a hospital room four hours from home.  Where is peace?  Or should I say "Where is 'Peace?'"
I must know that Peace is right here with me or I will not survive!  How about you?  Do you contain this same Peace?  He is available!  Just call out His Name and He will answer.  He's already right there!  His Name is JESUS!

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