Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have have them...does everyone have hurts?
How do you know?

They be not seen on outward,
but scars, they sure exist!
Much deeper than the ones applied
with weapon or with fist.
And that which bruises not the skin,
it be the worst of all!
It be that pain invisible
which causes hearts to fall.

So deep, so deep, so very deep
the wound to penetrate.
Affliction and anxiety,
at times, to seem too great!
And, too, would seem that no one else
has known this pain before!
But at least ONE has faced the same,
the same and so much more!
And the Same to be provision
for whatever be.
Giving Him the pain within
will bring the victory!
This, a promise of a Word
that lives forevermore,
this to prove, unto our lives,
all healing to restore!

Jesus is THE Healer.  He can take care of the hurt...the pain...the scars.  Let Him into that area of your life that has been damaged.  (Even THAT area that you keep secret from everyone!)  He already knows about it.  Why not let Him heal it?

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