Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Healing Place

"Here we are again...
here You are always.
Faithful, You, to meet us here
regardless of our ways.
Your love for us is o so deep,
You come so very far;
Your love for us is way too deep
to leave us where we are!
So here You are again...
and here are we, Lord, still.
We listen for Your lesson,
We yield to Your will.
We know that we are in this place
once more to receive;
we know that You respond by grace,
Your purpose to achieve!

So here we are again,
Lord Jesus, have Your way.
Show us how to think and feel,
teach us what to say.
For we avail ourselves anew
unto Your holy call;
the words You say, the things You do
for sure to be our all!"

Find that humble place of surrender.  Sure, it bucks against everything we may be and flies in the face of what the flesh is telling us, but the sooner you find that place, the sooner you will begin to heal!

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