Thursday, July 5, 2012


"Good morning, Father.  You look beautiful today!
Your beauty shines, Lord.  It is so bright that it illuminates all creation.  Even people!
Lord, I can see You in the rising sun...the barely-shimmering leaves...the dew on the grass...and, always, in the pages of Your Living Word.  You're beautiful.

Again, so very glorious-
the sacred, peaceful dawn!
The glistening of every blade
across the summer lawn...
even on the branches reaching
out into the sky...
morning, oh so very, very
easy on the eye!

Again, so very glorious-
the victory assured!
So awesome are the promises
afforded in the Word!
A lamp unto my feet, Lord,
You illuminate the way...
victory have You assigned
to me throughout the day!

But now, so very glorious,
just You and I alone.
Even if the two of Us
are all that will be known,
I KNOW I've been with company,
and it shall carry me
to that place this evening
to look back on victory!"

As you rise and look out the window this morning stop...
As you read His Word this morning stop...
On the way out the door this morning stop...
whenever you can today, stop and notice the day that God prepared for you and thank Him for it.  It will make all the difference in the world.

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