Thursday, July 26, 2012


In THAT place again!!
That familiar place that is so often dreaded, yet is such a normal part of life.
What will you do here, here in a place where there is "so little to do?"  "So little to see?"

   See His glory, see His glory,
   even in this desert place!
   Even where no thing at all is,
   there He is in all His grace!
   He is worthy of all worship;
   as you walk, He walks beside.
   Open up Your heart and see Him,
   Jesus Christ, the Crucified!

   See His glory, see His glory,
   your environs matter not!
   Even in your desolation,
   your ALL has He truly got!
   Know that all has been provided
   and release those praises deep!
   He has purchased your salvation,
   your soul will He firmly keep!

   See His glory, see His glory
   and let not a thing distract!
   He is all and everything,
   all you have to do is act!
   Every duty set aside,
   give to Him due adoration;
   see Hi glory, see His glory,
   join eternal celebration!

That desolate place.  It is familiar to everyone!
What may be unfamiliar is how others deal with it.
What will you do there?
Find His glory!  It's not hard to do!

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