Thursday, July 19, 2012


If you are close enough to God, you realize that there are prayers that are difficult to pray.  Sometimes, the Holy Spirit reveals something to us that we are...apprehensive to follow-up on.

"Break me, Lord, with what breaks You;
recall me to Your heart.
Show me, Lord, what You can see-
what vision to impart!
How often do we miss the sight
by looking with our eyes?
Show me that which You look at-
what truth to realize!

How wonderful, the vision,
how different, the view.
So many are the glories as
I cry out, Lord, to You!
You take me to another place,
enabling my sight
to see the impact of this life-
what prayers to recite!

Broken in Your Presence-
o what healing to discover!
Cared for with perfection by
the deepest, greatest Lover!
Nowhere to escape 'til You
assemble me once more;
no other place to go and not
another to restore!"

I have discovered, however, that those things that I am afraid to ask for are for my good in the big picture.
Listen to the Holy Spirit when you are communicating with God.  He knows the heart of God, and He knows what's best for you.

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