Saturday, July 28, 2012

Be still

God's Word tells us that we must approach Him as a little child.  However, how often do we take what He says and not try to figure it out?

I'm still and I will listen
as He explains to me
the wonder and the spectacle
that, in that Place, will be!
Too perfect for the vision
of me to now behold,
but I shall tend His voice as I'm
a sheep within His fold.

Still within His Presence,
as tranquil as the morn;
oh, but even more so as
again, in Him, I'm born!
And in Him is that blessed peace
that I can take as mine
to enable me to be
content with Him divine.

Know the stillness of Him
for your very own.
And even when you're by yourself
you'll never be alone!
He will be there with you
with His perfect care,
and everything in your life,
with Him, you can share!

Yes, it is that simple...if you allow it to be!
Take what God says, take what His Word tells you and accept it as truth!  Live it!  Share it!  It will make an incredible difference in your life and the lives of others!

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