Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Back again...
return to what's real and what matters...

Be glorified, oh God, as we
now glory in Your grace!
Be exalted, Father, as
we look into Your face!
Be magnified above this life
as we're alive in You;
oh Father, be our ALL as we
give adoration due!

You are worthy of our praise-
You are Almighty God!
You are worthy of our means-
all assets for to prod!
You are worthy of our time-
You give to us the same!
You are worthy of it all-
oh praise Your holy Name!

Be glorified, oh God, for we
abandon all our being.
We trust You with our everything-
All-knowing and All-seeing!
Being in Your Presence causes
our hearts to revere;
You are God alone, and You
have all dominion here!"

Give Him place in your own life.  You won't regret it!
Give Him all authority over Your life.  He already owns everything!
Submit to Father God and know true, it doesn't make sense, but it definitely works!

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