Monday, July 30, 2012

The Closet

Going to the closet
for a time of prayer.
So many things are heavy
upon the heart to share,
but in the Father's Presence
each burden is to raise;
and nothing can be spoken
save for that holy praise!

Here within the closet
silence falls upon
save for the holy message
on my heart to dawn.
And there, in the darkness,
I'm blinded by the Light!
Oh, that blessed closet-
there become my flight!

Find that 'prayer closet' that The Word talks about.  Find it often.  God is waiting there for you, and you can be yourself there and say anything you want...even (and especially) if it is complete silence!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have have them...does everyone have hurts?
How do you know?

They be not seen on outward,
but scars, they sure exist!
Much deeper than the ones applied
with weapon or with fist.
And that which bruises not the skin,
it be the worst of all!
It be that pain invisible
which causes hearts to fall.

So deep, so deep, so very deep
the wound to penetrate.
Affliction and anxiety,
at times, to seem too great!
And, too, would seem that no one else
has known this pain before!
But at least ONE has faced the same,
the same and so much more!
And the Same to be provision
for whatever be.
Giving Him the pain within
will bring the victory!
This, a promise of a Word
that lives forevermore,
this to prove, unto our lives,
all healing to restore!

Jesus is THE Healer.  He can take care of the hurt...the pain...the scars.  Let Him into that area of your life that has been damaged.  (Even THAT area that you keep secret from everyone!)  He already knows about it.  Why not let Him heal it?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Be still

God's Word tells us that we must approach Him as a little child.  However, how often do we take what He says and not try to figure it out?

I'm still and I will listen
as He explains to me
the wonder and the spectacle
that, in that Place, will be!
Too perfect for the vision
of me to now behold,
but I shall tend His voice as I'm
a sheep within His fold.

Still within His Presence,
as tranquil as the morn;
oh, but even more so as
again, in Him, I'm born!
And in Him is that blessed peace
that I can take as mine
to enable me to be
content with Him divine.

Know the stillness of Him
for your very own.
And even when you're by yourself
you'll never be alone!
He will be there with you
with His perfect care,
and everything in your life,
with Him, you can share!

Yes, it is that simple...if you allow it to be!
Take what God says, take what His Word tells you and accept it as truth!  Live it!  Share it!  It will make an incredible difference in your life and the lives of others!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Early yet once more...
life again restore...
glory, though, is known:
the King is on His throne!
Dawn can understand
all is surely planned;
and there is much to do
beyond the waking dew!

Day is here.  A brand-new day!  A brand-new opportunity for success...whatever that might be for you.
Yes, it is different for all. 
What do you have planned for today?
Are you actually looking forward to the wonderful things that today contains, or are you dreading the "same-old same-old?"
God has a wonderful plan for your day.  Did you ask Him about it yet?

Thursday, July 26, 2012


In THAT place again!!
That familiar place that is so often dreaded, yet is such a normal part of life.
What will you do here, here in a place where there is "so little to do?"  "So little to see?"

   See His glory, see His glory,
   even in this desert place!
   Even where no thing at all is,
   there He is in all His grace!
   He is worthy of all worship;
   as you walk, He walks beside.
   Open up Your heart and see Him,
   Jesus Christ, the Crucified!

   See His glory, see His glory,
   your environs matter not!
   Even in your desolation,
   your ALL has He truly got!
   Know that all has been provided
   and release those praises deep!
   He has purchased your salvation,
   your soul will He firmly keep!

   See His glory, see His glory
   and let not a thing distract!
   He is all and everything,
   all you have to do is act!
   Every duty set aside,
   give to Him due adoration;
   see Hi glory, see His glory,
   join eternal celebration!

That desolate place.  It is familiar to everyone!
What may be unfamiliar is how others deal with it.
What will you do there?
Find His glory!  It's not hard to do!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Back again...
return to what's real and what matters...

Be glorified, oh God, as we
now glory in Your grace!
Be exalted, Father, as
we look into Your face!
Be magnified above this life
as we're alive in You;
oh Father, be our ALL as we
give adoration due!

You are worthy of our praise-
You are Almighty God!
You are worthy of our means-
all assets for to prod!
You are worthy of our time-
You give to us the same!
You are worthy of it all-
oh praise Your holy Name!

Be glorified, oh God, for we
abandon all our being.
We trust You with our everything-
All-knowing and All-seeing!
Being in Your Presence causes
our hearts to revere;
You are God alone, and You
have all dominion here!"

Give Him place in your own life.  You won't regret it!
Give Him all authority over Your life.  He already owns everything!
Submit to Father God and know true, it doesn't make sense, but it definitely works!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Solitary Confinement?

In a quiet place...

Isolated once again,
so far away from "real;"
anything to be 'familiar'
life would yet conceal;
in a room uncomfortable
for another night?
But God, BUT GOD to conquer all
and keep us in His light!

Isolation isn't, for
He lives, He lives within!
My senses are deflected as
He fellowships again.
His conversation takes my focus
to a higher plane;
His grace again to stabilize
and serve to keep us sane!

In a quiet place
apart from daily race
partaking of His grace
looking in His face.
All fear is in the past...
faith is firmly cast!
To Jesus Christ I cling--
we conquer everything!

In a quiet place...a hospital room four hours from home.  Where is peace?  Or should I say "Where is 'Peace?'"
I must know that Peace is right here with me or I will not survive!  How about you?  Do you contain this same Peace?  He is available!  Just call out His Name and He will answer.  He's already right there!  His Name is JESUS!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Once more, sin to rear its ugly head.
Once again, so many people in so many places crying out in pain.
And here am I, miles away from tragedy, yet hurting and crying out all the more.
Why?  Why?  Why?  WHY?  WHY?!

Why is evil to recoil
and lash out at the good?
Why is it not stopped by any?
(As if it even could?)
Pain is broadcast far and wide
by means so very good;
it drives us to our very knees
as everybody should!

Wickedness once more arises,
but its days are short!
The enemy knows his demise,
is this a last resort?
Pain, however, sees the brunt
and seeks relief always-
we must reach out to them that hurt
regardless of the ways!

"Why is evil to recoil...?"
will the question die?
But God, BUT GOD did not want this
and He is there on high!
Reach out, reach out to Him!  His arms
are reaching unto all,
and He is right there answering
each heart to Him to call.

So many few answers...such is life?
NO!  That's what the enemy wants us to believe!
In defiance of said evil, may we seek and do good in all of our ways.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


If you are close enough to God, you realize that there are prayers that are difficult to pray.  Sometimes, the Holy Spirit reveals something to us that we are...apprehensive to follow-up on.

"Break me, Lord, with what breaks You;
recall me to Your heart.
Show me, Lord, what You can see-
what vision to impart!
How often do we miss the sight
by looking with our eyes?
Show me that which You look at-
what truth to realize!

How wonderful, the vision,
how different, the view.
So many are the glories as
I cry out, Lord, to You!
You take me to another place,
enabling my sight
to see the impact of this life-
what prayers to recite!

Broken in Your Presence-
o what healing to discover!
Cared for with perfection by
the deepest, greatest Lover!
Nowhere to escape 'til You
assemble me once more;
no other place to go and not
another to restore!"

I have discovered, however, that those things that I am afraid to ask for are for my good in the big picture.
Listen to the Holy Spirit when you are communicating with God.  He knows the heart of God, and He knows what's best for you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That Prod!

Again, the journey beckons.
I can't stay here.  There is nothing for me.  Well, yes, there is something here for me, but it is surely not His best!
Am I going to let go of the 'comfortable' to obtain the 'superior?'

Again, the Spirit leads.
God knows all the needs.
He has the very best
for His Own, so blest!

It doesn't 'feel' the same:
discomfort...and there's pain!
The Lead yet to persist,
it's futile to resist.

Why do I even ponder resisting when I KNOW that God the Holy Spirit is leading me somewhere?
Because it's comfortable here!  It's familiar here. 
Where are you?
Are you in a 'comfort zone' that is keeping you from something greater?

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Taken to a place alone.  Alone?
Taken to a desolate place.  Desolation?
Taken to this place for a reason yet unknown...but fully known to Him!
Therefore, all the more shall I cling to Him, knowing there is a reason for all of this!
Where are you?  What does it look like where you are?  What are you using to look with?

Seeing yet again with eyes
that one cannot explain;
seeing that which anybody
else might see as 'plain;'
God has put me in this place
to see and also learn;
this I know: His placement wise
I shall not ever spurn!

Being in the wilderness...
never, though, alone!
Faithful, God, to see that I,
at least something, am shown.
Even if it's only be
His Presence in this place,
I am very fortunate
to here receive His grace!

Seeing yet again with eyes
provided by the Spirit;
being told such treasured truth,
if only I will hear it!
grace on grace becomes my own
as such life I receive;
this 'vision,' it belongs to all
who truly will believe!

Go to that place.  Don't avoid it.
Believe what God tells you and shows you.  It's for your good!
It will make all the difference in your life!

Friday, July 13, 2012

There again...

Once more in a foreign place
so far away from "known;"
knowing peace that overcomes-
does this mean one has grown?

Once more in a situation
painful and so real;
knowing the triumphant peace-
something we can feel!

Once again requiring
a peace that passes all;
it's given without measure in
surrender to His call!

O so valuable is that peace that escorts us through times and places that are so foreign!
That peace that assures us that we are not alone...NEVER alone!
How wonderful to have a God Who never leaves or forsakes His Own!
We are so blessed!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Healing Place

"Here we are again...
here You are always.
Faithful, You, to meet us here
regardless of our ways.
Your love for us is o so deep,
You come so very far;
Your love for us is way too deep
to leave us where we are!
So here You are again...
and here are we, Lord, still.
We listen for Your lesson,
We yield to Your will.
We know that we are in this place
once more to receive;
we know that You respond by grace,
Your purpose to achieve!

So here we are again,
Lord Jesus, have Your way.
Show us how to think and feel,
teach us what to say.
For we avail ourselves anew
unto Your holy call;
the words You say, the things You do
for sure to be our all!"

Find that humble place of surrender.  Sure, it bucks against everything we may be and flies in the face of what the flesh is telling us, but the sooner you find that place, the sooner you will begin to heal!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Words for naught?

I can feel it.
There is 'something' inside crying out to be written down!!
The leading of the Holy say what?

"To capture Your intensity-
again to make attempt.
Containing You in written word-
would it not be contempt?
The splendor of Your handiwork,
the wonder of Your ways:
everywhere is vision to
continually amaze!
Oh, those mighty moments that
cannot be said in verse!
Walking in Your majesty-
how long for to rehearse?
And where is that ability
to say what's in Your eyes?!
Again, what disability
is verse to realize!

And once more, Your intensity
to drive the very pen!
How can be captured Your emotion
by mere, mortal men?!
Your countenance alone to prove
Your passion for this man--
silence even to reveal
Your passion and Your plan!"

That's done.
But still, there is that within which is still...unsatisfied.  The writer still is led to pen something else that glorifies God!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


"Good morning, Father.  You look beautiful today!
Your beauty shines, Lord.  It is so bright that it illuminates all creation.  Even people!
Lord, I can see You in the rising sun...the barely-shimmering leaves...the dew on the grass...and, always, in the pages of Your Living Word.  You're beautiful.

Again, so very glorious-
the sacred, peaceful dawn!
The glistening of every blade
across the summer lawn...
even on the branches reaching
out into the sky...
morning, oh so very, very
easy on the eye!

Again, so very glorious-
the victory assured!
So awesome are the promises
afforded in the Word!
A lamp unto my feet, Lord,
You illuminate the way...
victory have You assigned
to me throughout the day!

But now, so very glorious,
just You and I alone.
Even if the two of Us
are all that will be known,
I KNOW I've been with company,
and it shall carry me
to that place this evening
to look back on victory!"

As you rise and look out the window this morning stop...
As you read His Word this morning stop...
On the way out the door this morning stop...
whenever you can today, stop and notice the day that God prepared for you and thank Him for it.  It will make all the difference in the world.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Red and white and blue
waving in the breeze...
the freedom that we so enjoy
is seen there with such ease!
Peace--it almost takes for granted
that sweet freedom's cost;
celebration almost blinds
to lives that have been lost.

"Oh let me never take for granted
prices that were paid;
nor allow me to forget
the sacrifices made
so that I can celebrate
the way that I know how;
God, thank You for liberty
in this land You allow!"

We are free because God blesses America. 
Sure, we fought, but Whose battle is it?
Sure, we fight to obtain and retain it, but Who brings that victory?
As you celebrate today, don't forget to thank God for the privilege.  For He is The Author of Liberty.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Early, early...

Silence on the land this morning.  How many places, (and how often!) is that able to be said?
Silence on the land...but listen.  I KNOW that there is a voice that is speaking whenever such blessed silence is, and what He has to say is necessary!
As I listen to Him, I think of folks that I know who are very uncomfortable in 'silence.'  They don't know what they're missing. 
Are you one of them? 
Can you handle an absence of noise?
Would God be calling you there so you can hear Him?
Early, early...listen...