Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whatever will be?

We are only anything
because of Christ within.
To boast in any other,
it is pride...and it is sin!
We are only what we are
because of what He's done;
and He is careful to complete
the good work through His Son!

We have only what we have
because of what He gives.
Father God owns everything
and if, within, He lives,
we have an abundance that
no 'works' could ever yield--
love, joy and serenity
so constantly revealed!

But it's unknown what we shall be
when He returns that Day.
And that which He brings with Him,
not a scribe could even say!
But this we know: we shall be changed,
"...the twinkling of an eye!"
We shall be and have everything
with Him beyond the sky!

Do you ever think about eternity?  What do you see?
What are your desires for that time?  Does it matter?
All that this writer knows is that I want to spend eternity with Jesus Christ and ENJOY all that He has in store!
What about you?

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