Monday, June 4, 2012

Wet Morning

"...and into every life a little rain must fall."
Though quite poetic, I don't know who wrote that. 
Thouigh poetic, it is very truthful!  And necessary.

Awakened by a light
but surely not the sun;
followed by the sound of
wild horses on the run!
Much ealrier that normal,
(and quite the stern alarm!)
but rising at this hour will not
do me any harm.

More time to spend with Jesus,
to listen to His Word...
to watch Him in creation- oh,
what life, it is occurred!!
And even in the fury,
what fascination lives-
see Jesus in the storm and know
the benefits He gives!

Is it raining in your life today?
Remember the benefits of rain, try to enjoy it while it's there, and always look for the rainbow!
God is faithful!

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