Sunday, June 24, 2012


Here we are again.  Weren't we at this same intersection last year?!

Trusting once again in that
which yet remains unseen;
clinging to His promises
and all that they would mean;
knowing, as we trust in Him,
each issue comes to lioght;
so very fortunate are we,
in Jesus, to delight!

Trusting once times
so painful would it be!
It would be much more comfortable
if only we could see!
But cheaper would that trust become
with vision satisfied!
Therefore to cling more closely to
the One Who briefly died!

Trusting once again...and KNOWING
He won't disappoint!
Of all the paths before us, but
the right one He'll anoint!
Giving all to Him Who gives,
receiving even more!
"Jesus, we hold fast to You
and what You have in store!"

Again, the crossroads.  
Which way do we turn?
Do we even go on?  Should we wait? 
I don't know yet.  But this I do know: God is in control and we will not be led astray!
Where are you?  Have you that same assurance?  You can...if you trust God.  Sure, it's easy to say it.  It is another thing altogether to live it!
Be there!  God will never let you down!!

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