Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank you, dad!

Yes, thank you, dad.
Thank you for being the example that I yet cling to and am so proud of!
Thank you for being dad to my wife.  You treat her no differently than you did my sister.  I have learned a lot from that, and my wife is very appreciative of that!
Yes, thank you, dad. 
Thank you for being the kind of father that I can still refer to as "daddy."  I am amazed daily by the amount of folks that look puzzled when I refer to you by that name.  The longer I work with people in my daily life, the more I realize just how fortunate I am to have a 'daddy,' not just a 'father figure.'
Yes, thank you, daddy!
And I thank God, my Heavenly Father, for you.  I am truly convinced that had you not loved us as much as you do, I would not have been able to cleave to God the Father and be so in love with Him!  Thank you for that example!
Thank you, daddy.  I appreciate you.  I may be severely limited in abilities that might show that appreciation, but God has enabled me to assemble letters and words.
Hope you enjoy, daddy!

Another "Father's Day."
Just another day?
A holiday of rest?
A day of honor here;
that man would I revere!
Good memories outweigh...
oh, what can a poet say!

Another "Father's Day?"
The poet cries "NO WAY!"
Much honor he deserves,
and, meanwhile, still he serves!
The children of my own,
daddy's blessing, they have known;
and all the richer, we,
that "daddy" still is he!

Thanks again, dad.
Thanks again, daddy.
You have and continue to affect so many lives.


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