Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Last month, I wrote some words to a dear couple in town that were going through a valley.  Well, the valley came to an end, with one of them ascending to a Place we all desire to go!

Sickness and disease--for they are over!
No more appointments Susan has to make;
no more worry, no more apprehension
has she for the steps she now will take!
Effortless is life from now on for her,
she walks and dances on the streets of gold!
She looks now into the eyes of Jesus,
as He reaches out, her hand to hold!

"Some glad morning, when this life is over..."
Susan, our dear Susan made it there!!
She is now beholding that so perfect,
that which but the Holy Ghost may share!
And we are bidden "Press on, without fail"
as the blessing of her life we e'er recall!
Pain, it turns out, be so temporary,
oh, but victory to triumph over all!!

Please continue to pray for Pastor Tommy and his family.  Susan suffers no longer, but we hurt for yet a little while.  Susan is celebrating with Jesus, and we certainly shall see her again!

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