Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quiet time

Separated from distraction...
Here again to restore focus...
Nothing to come between Jesus and I.

In a holy place
with permeating grace;
finally above...
oh, the Presence of His love!
Light that is, to negative, immune;
sound that is more glorious than tune!
Language that so far exceeds all word-
has this life seen greater?  Has it heard?

Jesus in this place!
Oh, look into His face!
Be transformed by His love
and rise, and rise above!

Nothing to come between Jesus and I...for the moment.
Each one of us must leave this place of perfection and be involved in a world that is not. 
Don't allow the cares of this life to prevent you from spending time in this place!
God designed this special time for only you!  Find it.

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