Wednesday, June 13, 2012


THAT Day...
That familiar place that we've never seen...?
The wonder of it...the spectacle of it...the allure of it for them that belong to God!
Are you one of them?

A celebration yet continues on;
celebrated by those loved ones gone;
the poet only speculates details,
but the Spirit, oh, He never fails!
"Holy Spirit, show us yet once more
a glimpse of that just there, behind the Door!
A sample of that hope to which we cling;
a vision of that Land of which we sing!"

"Heaven!  Oh that great desire within,
where dwells the One who died for every sin!
Sing out, again, oh heart and soul of me!
Let go of all this life so you can see!
Father, we desire to be with You
there in that Place defying all heart-view!
Come quickly!  Yes, come quickly, even so...
That residence with God, alone, to know!"

Do you think about that day?
Are you ready for it?
He has prepared that Place for His own, the born-again.
Be born again in Jesus and know That Paradise for all eternity!

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