Thursday, June 28, 2012

More hard questions...

Does God panic?
If Jesus feels all that we go through and is touched by our infirmities, does he wait with baited breath and hang on every word the doctor says?
I can't imagine Him panicking at the news we receive when He knew it all before it even happened!
I can and do see Him being right there...being right HERE... to help and embrace us through our reaction as we receive the news.
Greater, I also see Him standing there with us, in the future, pointing out how He walked with us through this 'speedbump' that is far behind usI
I see Him right there with us as we recover and get back up to full-speed.
God is so good...even in this valley!

Walking through the valley
with Jesus, hand in hand.
He has led me down here,
and He WILL NOT disband!
There are so many lessons here,
I know this from the past,
shielding what is cast!

The valley is a place in life
where we go through the grief and strife
that this old world throws our way,
but all of that will change someday!
For God is coming once again
and when He does, He'll put an end
to Satan and his painful ways!
For that I give God endless praise!!

When YOU are in the valley,
look past your circumstance:
reason deep, as best you can,
and realize, at glance,
Soon, you'll be on top again!
Lift your voice and hands to Him
and let your praise begin!!

ALWAYS look for God and His touch in the valley!
NEVER lose the precious lessons that you discover there!
The mountaintops are wonderful, but in the valley is where the fruit grows.

THE VALLEY 1          149

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