Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lady in wait?

Where am I...
What am I doing here...
"I didn't sign up for this?!"
Have you ever felt that way?
Here we are again.  A doctor's office...far from home...waiting for answers.
A loved one in much pain.  So many are the states of the heart!

Hurting once again,
pain that isn't felt?
The heart for sure to suffer...
the ache behind the belt!
So real becomes the yearning to
take on the pain they know!
Is it only at such time
the depths of love bestow?
And what can ease the aching?
Can words or verse relieve?
Prayers, the are so helpful,
and, yes, WE DO BELIEVE!
God, I know, is feeling
each step that we go through;
He is not rushed or panicked,
He knows what He will do.

And there, one more enigma:
He knows...and we do not!
Trust to then be challenged:
"what will we do in this spot?"
But to press on, praying, yearning,
supplicating Him
for to shine so glorious
when situations dim!

Far away from home...but not alone.
Watching my wife hurt...while God is holding her in His palm.
Waiting for answers...while The One with ALL answers sits right here in the room with us.
Where's YOUR faith?

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