Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, happy Father's Day.
To the fathers only?  No way!  This day makes me happy as a child because of all that daddy is and has been to me throughout my life!  I am blessed.  I am fortunate.  I am very wealthy due not only all of what daddy told me, but all that I 'heard' through living with  him daily.  For it is one thing hear and receive instruction, it is a far more wonderful thing to receive those instructions through observation!
Yes, I am very blessed.

Thank You, Father, for the father
You have given me.
In him, Your very attributes
I hear and I can see.
Though he has not been perfect,
You've used him anyhow;
I love him and respect him,
and prize him even now!

The father of my flesh--a man,
(in my eyes,) very great!
His wisdom and gratuity
I so appreciate!
But not just to his children-
he shares with every man!
I shall desire be like him
as much as this man can!

I hope that every person that reads these words can relate to this.  However, I know that there have been fathers that have fallen far short of this.  That hurts.
Our Heavenly Father, though, is all that my daddy is...AND MUCH MORE! 
Father God will not disappoint.
Father God will not abandon.
Father God will always provide what is needed.
Cling to God as your Father!  He so desires you, even if no one else does!

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