Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Daily Grind...

So many situations come into our lives.
Being Christians does not make us immune to these situations and scenarios, but it does give us the upper hand in going through them.
Right there is a key that so many miss: we must GO THROUGH them, not stop in them...not get stuck in them...not turn around and run!
And Jesus provides all that we need to get through them.  Have you learned that yet?  Have WE learned that yet?

I do not understand this, Lord,
but understand Your peace.
Your grace, alone, enables me,
all circumstance, release.
What I have in You gets me
through what I have in life:
the gamut of emotion-
from ecstasy to strife!

And what I have right now, it is
no different to You.
You gird me and escort me,
yes, You will see me through.
The pain and the frustration-
it's foreign not at all;
You are so faithful to the ones
responding to Your Call!

And we remain attentive,
whatever be the cross.
You're right here in the hurting,
You're right here in the loss!
And You are there, beyond the pain
of what is going on,
offering Your perfect peace
and comfort in that dawn.

Your time-it is beyond our own,
but there, perfection to be known!

No, I have not perfected this yet.  But He continues to help me advance as these daily situations arise in life.
What is it that gets you through these situations?
WHO is it that gets you through these situations?
Jesus is right there!

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