Thursday, June 28, 2012

More hard questions...

Does God panic?
If Jesus feels all that we go through and is touched by our infirmities, does he wait with baited breath and hang on every word the doctor says?
I can't imagine Him panicking at the news we receive when He knew it all before it even happened!
I can and do see Him being right there...being right HERE... to help and embrace us through our reaction as we receive the news.
Greater, I also see Him standing there with us, in the future, pointing out how He walked with us through this 'speedbump' that is far behind usI
I see Him right there with us as we recover and get back up to full-speed.
God is so good...even in this valley!

Walking through the valley
with Jesus, hand in hand.
He has led me down here,
and He WILL NOT disband!
There are so many lessons here,
I know this from the past,
shielding what is cast!

The valley is a place in life
where we go through the grief and strife
that this old world throws our way,
but all of that will change someday!
For God is coming once again
and when He does, He'll put an end
to Satan and his painful ways!
For that I give God endless praise!!

When YOU are in the valley,
look past your circumstance:
reason deep, as best you can,
and realize, at glance,
Soon, you'll be on top again!
Lift your voice and hands to Him
and let your praise begin!!

ALWAYS look for God and His touch in the valley!
NEVER lose the precious lessons that you discover there!
The mountaintops are wonderful, but in the valley is where the fruit grows.

THE VALLEY 1          149

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lady in wait?

Where am I...
What am I doing here...
"I didn't sign up for this?!"
Have you ever felt that way?
Here we are again.  A doctor's office...far from home...waiting for answers.
A loved one in much pain.  So many are the states of the heart!

Hurting once again,
pain that isn't felt?
The heart for sure to suffer...
the ache behind the belt!
So real becomes the yearning to
take on the pain they know!
Is it only at such time
the depths of love bestow?
And what can ease the aching?
Can words or verse relieve?
Prayers, the are so helpful,
and, yes, WE DO BELIEVE!
God, I know, is feeling
each step that we go through;
He is not rushed or panicked,
He knows what He will do.

And there, one more enigma:
He knows...and we do not!
Trust to then be challenged:
"what will we do in this spot?"
But to press on, praying, yearning,
supplicating Him
for to shine so glorious
when situations dim!

Far away from home...but not alone.
Watching my wife hurt...while God is holding her in His palm.
Waiting for answers...while The One with ALL answers sits right here in the room with us.
Where's YOUR faith?

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Here we are again.  Weren't we at this same intersection last year?!

Trusting once again in that
which yet remains unseen;
clinging to His promises
and all that they would mean;
knowing, as we trust in Him,
each issue comes to lioght;
so very fortunate are we,
in Jesus, to delight!

Trusting once times
so painful would it be!
It would be much more comfortable
if only we could see!
But cheaper would that trust become
with vision satisfied!
Therefore to cling more closely to
the One Who briefly died!

Trusting once again...and KNOWING
He won't disappoint!
Of all the paths before us, but
the right one He'll anoint!
Giving all to Him Who gives,
receiving even more!
"Jesus, we hold fast to You
and what You have in store!"

Again, the crossroads.  
Which way do we turn?
Do we even go on?  Should we wait? 
I don't know yet.  But this I do know: God is in control and we will not be led astray!
Where are you?  Have you that same assurance?  You can...if you trust God.  Sure, it's easy to say it.  It is another thing altogether to live it!
Be there!  God will never let you down!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Life is good!"

Can you, with all certainty, proclaim that?

In spite of life refusing to
be merciful to me,
I look ahead with fastened gaze
and Jesus Christ I see!

In Spite of life expressing hate
to them that are His Own,
He wraps His arms around us saying
"You are not alone!"

In spite of life embezzling
and stealing from His flock,
continues He to meet our needs--
Jesus Christ, our Rock!

In spite of life and all that happens,
life--still it is good!
To make Him Lord of all of life-
but everybody should!

Life is not fair...but it is still good!
Is life supposed to be fair?  Ask Jesus!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


To there ascend on Spirit wind
and there to be restored!
There to climb until that time
and savor Jesus Lord!
All of living is He giving
to the chosen few!
Are you one to receive God's Son
and harbor Heavenview?

Oh what verse would I rehearse
preparing for that Day!!
The cry of heart for to impart
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
The ONLY Way for to survey
the Majesty beyond
is to accept and not reject
the love of Christ, so fond!

To there ascend and take a friend-
what blessing to partake!
But until then to share with men,
all shackles for to break!
Christ the Way.  The only Way
to know that Paradise!
Oh, that YOU would be there, too!
For that would be so nice!

Will you be there with me? 
It is oh, so simple.  But is it TOO simple?  For there are those who would not just overlook Him, but completely ignore Him...thus missing out on spending forever in Paradise with Him.  Don't be one of them!!  Give your heart and life to Jesus Christ!  He can do more with your life than you can...AND give you grace, love, mercy and PARADISE in return!

So early...

Morn to come so early-
creation all the while;
Father God to look upon
and bless life with a smile!
Those upon the wing to see Him-
listen to the song!
Wise to be the fortunate
that choose to sing along!

Morn to come so early
on such a busy day.
But nothing more important than
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
The Bringer of the day is He
and all it will contain;
knowing Him before it all-
it will establish gain!

What's the first thing you do in the morning?
Dare say, each one of us has a morning routine.  Is communing with God part of that routine?  It should be!  He desires you so much!
Start your day by greeting Him first thing.  The busy day will go much smoother.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whatever will be?

We are only anything
because of Christ within.
To boast in any other,
it is pride...and it is sin!
We are only what we are
because of what He's done;
and He is careful to complete
the good work through His Son!

We have only what we have
because of what He gives.
Father God owns everything
and if, within, He lives,
we have an abundance that
no 'works' could ever yield--
love, joy and serenity
so constantly revealed!

But it's unknown what we shall be
when He returns that Day.
And that which He brings with Him,
not a scribe could even say!
But this we know: we shall be changed,
"...the twinkling of an eye!"
We shall be and have everything
with Him beyond the sky!

Do you ever think about eternity?  What do you see?
What are your desires for that time?  Does it matter?
All that this writer knows is that I want to spend eternity with Jesus Christ and ENJOY all that He has in store!
What about you?


Last month, I wrote some words to a dear couple in town that were going through a valley.  Well, the valley came to an end, with one of them ascending to a Place we all desire to go!

Sickness and disease--for they are over!
No more appointments Susan has to make;
no more worry, no more apprehension
has she for the steps she now will take!
Effortless is life from now on for her,
she walks and dances on the streets of gold!
She looks now into the eyes of Jesus,
as He reaches out, her hand to hold!

"Some glad morning, when this life is over..."
Susan, our dear Susan made it there!!
She is now beholding that so perfect,
that which but the Holy Ghost may share!
And we are bidden "Press on, without fail"
as the blessing of her life we e'er recall!
Pain, it turns out, be so temporary,
oh, but victory to triumph over all!!

Please continue to pray for Pastor Tommy and his family.  Susan suffers no longer, but we hurt for yet a little while.  Susan is celebrating with Jesus, and we certainly shall see her again!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank you, dad!

Yes, thank you, dad.
Thank you for being the example that I yet cling to and am so proud of!
Thank you for being dad to my wife.  You treat her no differently than you did my sister.  I have learned a lot from that, and my wife is very appreciative of that!
Yes, thank you, dad. 
Thank you for being the kind of father that I can still refer to as "daddy."  I am amazed daily by the amount of folks that look puzzled when I refer to you by that name.  The longer I work with people in my daily life, the more I realize just how fortunate I am to have a 'daddy,' not just a 'father figure.'
Yes, thank you, daddy!
And I thank God, my Heavenly Father, for you.  I am truly convinced that had you not loved us as much as you do, I would not have been able to cleave to God the Father and be so in love with Him!  Thank you for that example!
Thank you, daddy.  I appreciate you.  I may be severely limited in abilities that might show that appreciation, but God has enabled me to assemble letters and words.
Hope you enjoy, daddy!

Another "Father's Day."
Just another day?
A holiday of rest?
A day of honor here;
that man would I revere!
Good memories outweigh...
oh, what can a poet say!

Another "Father's Day?"
The poet cries "NO WAY!"
Much honor he deserves,
and, meanwhile, still he serves!
The children of my own,
daddy's blessing, they have known;
and all the richer, we,
that "daddy" still is he!

Thanks again, dad.
Thanks again, daddy.
You have and continue to affect so many lives.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, happy Father's Day.
To the fathers only?  No way!  This day makes me happy as a child because of all that daddy is and has been to me throughout my life!  I am blessed.  I am fortunate.  I am very wealthy due not only all of what daddy told me, but all that I 'heard' through living with  him daily.  For it is one thing hear and receive instruction, it is a far more wonderful thing to receive those instructions through observation!
Yes, I am very blessed.

Thank You, Father, for the father
You have given me.
In him, Your very attributes
I hear and I can see.
Though he has not been perfect,
You've used him anyhow;
I love him and respect him,
and prize him even now!

The father of my flesh--a man,
(in my eyes,) very great!
His wisdom and gratuity
I so appreciate!
But not just to his children-
he shares with every man!
I shall desire be like him
as much as this man can!

I hope that every person that reads these words can relate to this.  However, I know that there have been fathers that have fallen far short of this.  That hurts.
Our Heavenly Father, though, is all that my daddy is...AND MUCH MORE! 
Father God will not disappoint.
Father God will not abandon.
Father God will always provide what is needed.
Cling to God as your Father!  He so desires you, even if no one else does!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

THE Painter

Tuesday.  First light.
A meeting with some special men.
Early out the door, waiting for a ride...

Painting morning once again,
my Father fills the sky!
He smiles at me with His eyes
at my each 'how' and 'why.'
I do not have to vocalize
the comments that arise,
He addresses those, as well,
because He is The Wise!
And He continues with the shades
that haven't got a name.
The poet yet is empty, as
they never are the same!
Every time He makes a morning
it is something new--
so glorious, the contrast...
so wonderful, the hue!

So as He paints the morning I
exalt Him and enjoy.
Everything inside my pen
endeavor I employ!
Only but attempt, though, as
perfection is His Own;
the glory of His Majesty
across the morning known!

NEVER waste a moment.  Even waiting for a ride before anyone else is awake, God is alive and moving!
Just look around...

Perfect Peace!

Where is peace when peace cannot be found?
Is it "alone" when no one is around?
Can anything be heard if silence be?
So are the parables in Him to see.

The properties of faith--so far above!
The wonderments availed in perfect love!!
Jesus Christ alive...and Life to give!
How many, then, be bold enough to live?

Where is that which isn't known as yet?
But God, but God, all glory is to get!
He is Life, and Life will ever be.
Live, thus always, with expectancy! future.
Where is peace?  Where is your peace?  If it is in anything other than God, Who He is, and all that He is for us in Jesus Christ, you are in for a great letdown!
Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and He will take care of you for the rest of your life...and beyond!


THAT Day...
That familiar place that we've never seen...?
The wonder of it...the spectacle of it...the allure of it for them that belong to God!
Are you one of them?

A celebration yet continues on;
celebrated by those loved ones gone;
the poet only speculates details,
but the Spirit, oh, He never fails!
"Holy Spirit, show us yet once more
a glimpse of that just there, behind the Door!
A sample of that hope to which we cling;
a vision of that Land of which we sing!"

"Heaven!  Oh that great desire within,
where dwells the One who died for every sin!
Sing out, again, oh heart and soul of me!
Let go of all this life so you can see!
Father, we desire to be with You
there in that Place defying all heart-view!
Come quickly!  Yes, come quickly, even so...
That residence with God, alone, to know!"

Do you think about that day?
Are you ready for it?
He has prepared that Place for His own, the born-again.
Be born again in Jesus and know That Paradise for all eternity!

Quiet time

Separated from distraction...
Here again to restore focus...
Nothing to come between Jesus and I.

In a holy place
with permeating grace;
finally above...
oh, the Presence of His love!
Light that is, to negative, immune;
sound that is more glorious than tune!
Language that so far exceeds all word-
has this life seen greater?  Has it heard?

Jesus in this place!
Oh, look into His face!
Be transformed by His love
and rise, and rise above!

Nothing to come between Jesus and I...for the moment.
Each one of us must leave this place of perfection and be involved in a world that is not. 
Don't allow the cares of this life to prevent you from spending time in this place!
God designed this special time for only you!  Find it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Daily Grind...

So many situations come into our lives.
Being Christians does not make us immune to these situations and scenarios, but it does give us the upper hand in going through them.
Right there is a key that so many miss: we must GO THROUGH them, not stop in them...not get stuck in them...not turn around and run!
And Jesus provides all that we need to get through them.  Have you learned that yet?  Have WE learned that yet?

I do not understand this, Lord,
but understand Your peace.
Your grace, alone, enables me,
all circumstance, release.
What I have in You gets me
through what I have in life:
the gamut of emotion-
from ecstasy to strife!

And what I have right now, it is
no different to You.
You gird me and escort me,
yes, You will see me through.
The pain and the frustration-
it's foreign not at all;
You are so faithful to the ones
responding to Your Call!

And we remain attentive,
whatever be the cross.
You're right here in the hurting,
You're right here in the loss!
And You are there, beyond the pain
of what is going on,
offering Your perfect peace
and comfort in that dawn.

Your time-it is beyond our own,
but there, perfection to be known!

No, I have not perfected this yet.  But He continues to help me advance as these daily situations arise in life.
What is it that gets you through these situations?
WHO is it that gets you through these situations?
Jesus is right there!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wet Morning

"...and into every life a little rain must fall."
Though quite poetic, I don't know who wrote that. 
Thouigh poetic, it is very truthful!  And necessary.

Awakened by a light
but surely not the sun;
followed by the sound of
wild horses on the run!
Much ealrier that normal,
(and quite the stern alarm!)
but rising at this hour will not
do me any harm.

More time to spend with Jesus,
to listen to His Word...
to watch Him in creation- oh,
what life, it is occurred!!
And even in the fury,
what fascination lives-
see Jesus in the storm and know
the benefits He gives!

Is it raining in your life today?
Remember the benefits of rain, try to enjoy it while it's there, and always look for the rainbow!
God is faithful!