Monday, May 7, 2012

Unpeaceful an unpeaceful day.  Why?
The doctor calls explaining what my latest tests revealed...
My friend sends a note asking for prayer because his mother passed away today...
I could only work for two hours because of the condition my best friend has...
Peace.  What's wrong with me?

There is peace that can't be measured,
fathomed or explained.
There is calm in spite of any storm,
a calm that is ordained!
There is a place inside the fray
to rest and to relax-
because the Lord is in control,
and He never slacks!

Jesus-He is always there,
no matter who will call;
He waivers not in situation,
no surprises fall!
I can cling to Him at all times,
even at that hour
when I can no longer see,
and gone be all my power!

Thus have I peace that is unknown
lest you belong to Him!
He is the Light in all of life
and He will NEVER dim!
Cling to Him yourself and know
that truth of what I say!
Jesus Christ-my perfect peace-
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Know Jesus.  Know Peace!
Know the awesome Presence of Him in ALL that you go through!
I do.

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