Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tommy & Susan

What are verses as we watch
the struggle you endure?
Where are words for your emotions
lived before us pure?
The love so clearly on display
of husband and of wife-
would we yet be so faithful, faced
with such outrageous strife?!
Yet in the pain, in the frustration,
in the raw distress,
grace outshines all tragedy-
and through it all, you bless!
How can any good result
from what you're going through?
It sends us all unto our knees
to intervene for you!
And God...and God, so faithful to
the voices of His own,
continues to embrace you both,
and through you, He is known!
We love you, pray for, hurt for you
as we just cannot share
the burden you are carrying
or the cross you bear!
But know this: you are in our hearts,
our lives and in our prayers
as we lift you to Jesus Christ-
the One Who truly cares!
He sees the place that you are in
and all the days ahead;
we gird you both in His palm, knowing
you're divinely led!

"Pastor, you and Susan are in our hearts as you walk this path, this painful path."
May each of you readers join me in prayer for these two.  Susan has ALS, and Pastor Tommy is her caretaker.  Thank you for your prayers.

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