Friday, May 4, 2012

Still the Morning...

Almost summer in the morning-
nothing moves around;
dew to rest on everything
connected to the ground;
nary e'en a whisper in
the branches or the limbs...
but somewhere in the distance can
be faintly heard sweet hymns.

Jesus walks in mornings where
is absent living sign.
Serenity as such is even
part of His design.
How many have the patience to
behold this and receive?
How many are the blessings unto
them that do believe?!

Walk into the stillness,
wait for Him to come.
Great will be your reward
with victory the sum!

What about you?
Can you handle time with God that is silent and still?
And it is not always as beautiful as this morning is.
It is, however, very beneficial for you and your day.
Make that time for Him, even if "nothing" seems to happen!

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