Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One "Day?"

"Mother's Day" approaches, and again I struggle with that concept.
Sure, it is great that there is a day set aside for her, but it be utterly criminal to honor her for just one day!
I don't know about you, but my mom deserves honor every day! 

Mom--once more the privilege
of honoring arises;
honoring the one who's yet
continuing surprises!
A gift it is to get a call
from you out of the blue,
and those little 'packages' that
contain so much of you!

Momma--so the honor is
with gratitude to God!
For He sees fit that you survive
the many steps you trod!
Steps that have so many want
to follow in the same...
steps that have me go to prayer
mentioning your name!

Mother--oh the gift I get
at your every thought!
Thus, a very gifted man
from oh, the years you've wrought!
The same to be more precious daily
as we honor you.
Bless you, mom, for we draw life
from all the love you do!

Again, so blessed is this man to still have momma.  To still have momma to give me her honest opinion.  To still have momma brave enough to give me her honest opinion!
May each of you honor your "mom" on this Mother's "Day?"

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