Friday, May 25, 2012

ONE Day only?

Memorial Day is approaching.
So many thoughts and emotions grip upon thought of it...

One day closer to a 'single day?'
But what about Old Glory on display?!
Just a day off for a barbecue?
NO WAY!!  For their is honor that is due
and gratitude to them that gave their all,
obedient unto a sacred call!
Memorial, once more, for them that served-
at least one day of honor is deserved!

How many are the memories
that cause us to recline...
how many are the loved ones that
put their lives on the line...
how many are the freedoms that
they died for to protect...
what be the depth that we allow
as we now reflect?

So numerous, the inquiries,
that rise if we allow.
Do not hinder such as we
recall those heroes now!
Thank God for each and all of them,
and mention them by name
unto the One Who gave His life
for all of us to claim!

"Father, thank You for the ones
who gave all that they could.
We praise You for their sacrifice
as everybody should!"

Grateful for them for whom Memorial Day is for.
Grateful for the freedom to do most anything we desire!
Let us NEVER forget!

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