Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother, once more...

The older I get, the more I realize how precious my upbringing was.
The more I realize that, the more I see God at work in my childhood home assuring that I be set apart for His work.
We were not churchgoers, but I can truly see the hand of God in what went on in my home.  I see His direction in the decisions that I made growing up.  All can clearly see His touch on my life as they read the words that flowed out of those years!
Yes, the Holy Spirit was right there speaking through my heart, and I can see where mom and dad were used by Him to teach me and lead me.
And again, the gratitude flows...

"Mother...oh for all the years'
investment you have made,
assuring that your children have
a childhood that was paid!
You spent your life...your time...your love
to see to our advance-
so very rare it is, these days,
for kids to get such chance!

The mornings at the office...
the years at all the banks...
they are a blur as I yet see you
there at thanks!
Talking with my daddy over
coffee every dawn...
and talking yet again at night
when working hours gone....
still finding time to meet my teachers
for...well...never mind!
And even now, time to talk
whenever do you find.

Mother, look around, for your
investment has much yield!
The honor that life has for you
it cannot be concealed!
We love you, mom.  We hold so dear
the life that you invest!
And ALL that call you 'Mother,'
each of us are truly blessed!!"

I said it before, I hope everyone that reads this is able to recall GOOD things about your mom without effort.  I know that some of you may not, and I am in pain for you!
I guess, in that respect, I am gloating because I have such a favorable view of my own, and a relationship with her that is priceless!  I thank God for that, and I pray for my mother without ceasing!

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