Monday, May 14, 2012

More Gratitude

The more life happens, the more I realize my need for God, and the more grateful I am that He is always here!

"Thank You, Lord, for listening
and answering our prayers.
Thank You for hearing, but then knowing,
each and all of our cares.
You see our lives before they are
and lead accordingly;
how much of life would not be known
if Your care didn't be?

Thank You, Lord, for planning for us
what we cannot know.
A perfect plan for all our days
on all would You bestow.
But them that ask Your guidance, they
receive of that Great Plan!
I be one of those blessed, oh Lord,
because You say I can!

Thank You, Lord, for being all
we ever need to live!
This ol' life's requirements
so faithfully You give.
It is up to us to do
what we should for the day,
and we KNOW You will do the rest
upon the Narrow Way!"

I sure hope that you have such assurance, too!  It is easy to get: just commit your each day into the care and direction that God has for you!  He can do more with your day than you can...but you must be obedient and follow His lead!

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