Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Moments

In moments that are solemn we remember...
on days so set aside, we recall...
upon our hearts be them that are no longer:
heroes, every one, they gave their all!

Do we remember that they are no longer?
NO!  Their living we commemorate!
Celebrating each of them with honor--
men and women, military late.

And this day, set aside for yonder heroes--
may each of them have come to know His Name!
For it is God we thank for their provision,
and, in God, do we offer them acclaim.

America, we prosper due their lifeblood...
history, in crimson to record;
we honor every fallen as we gather
and take them to the Presence of the Lord.

Moments that are solemn--let us find them
and dedicate them to the heroes gone;
from every branch of service be they garnered;
see to it that their memory lives on!

Again be the compulsion to realize the gravity of this day.  Far more than just a day off from work; greater than 'just a holiday on the calendar; it MUST have more significance than that!
Savor those moments that are solemn.

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