Saturday, May 5, 2012


Glory overshadows...
splendor overtakes;
Majesty approaches
and all creation shakes!

Magnificent, the Lord upon arrival-
Jesus Christ, in glory to appear!
We are blessed again by holy Presence;
He is Lord, o come and see Him here!
Everyone receives an invitation-
let nothing of this living interfere!
Come to Jesus!  See Him in His glory!
Fall in adoration and revere!

He is worthy - give what is required!
He is glorious and nothing less!
He is Jesus-know Him as your Savior- 
all else in life to matter so much less!

Life matters. 
Each of us make decisions daily that matter.
There is a matter, however, that is precedent far and above all decisions in the day:  Is Jesus Christ Lord of your life?
Yes, He reveals to me His glory and His Majesty as the words above prove, but unless He lives inside your heart those may be 'just words.'
He came that we might have His life inside of our hearts.
Let Him in!
Know Jesus as your Savior...Make life matter!

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