Thursday, May 10, 2012

Legacy wonderful.
I am filled with wonderful thoughts as Mother's Day gets another day closer.
So many things she said and did continue to affect and influence the things I say and do.
So many things she yet does and says do the same.
Am I that influential on anyone?  I hope so!

Can someone be a legacy
if they are still alive?
Absolutely: it's a
legacy to just survive!
She survived (so far) fifty-two
years raising me
and a brother and a sister-
what a legacy!

And that we are successful-one more
star inside her crown.
So many opportunities
she had to put us down.
But no, she pressed forward, not
abandoning her cross!
Had she not had such fortitude

these words would yet be loss!!

Yes, someone is a legacy!
I honor her once more.
"Mother, you're exactly what
a "Mother's Day" is for!
Thank you for exemplifying
all the traits of "good;"
And I sing out your attributes
as everybody should!"

I am so blessed!  As you have probably gathered, I noted to myself that this week in this ministry should be dedicated to my mom.  God saw fit to do the same and provided the words that you, the reader, continue to receive.  For without Him I could write nothing. 
Honor your own mother in some way this week...and always!

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