Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just a Building?

Once again, early in the church building.  Is it just a building?  Some would say so.  But Jesus is here!  It is NOT merely a building!  It is a living thing!

In the house once more,
His Presence to adore;
so good to be alive!
"Oh Jesus Christ arrive?"
In HIS house once more,
His Presence to adore
as He is ALWAYS here-
His Presence to revere!

"Jesus, You are why we are assembled.
Here we are to glorify Your Name!
Here we are--an offering--receive us!
Your Blood--it is our one and only claim!
Everything else, Lord, be secondary;
seeing You is our priority!
Seeing You...hearing You...responding,
being more than we could ever be!"

In the house once more--
be it NEVER as before!
Oh, but newer everyday,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

"We have to go to church today..."
"It's Sunday again?"
"We have to..."   NO!!!  We GET TO go to church!
But when will we see such blessing?

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