Tuesday, May 15, 2012


"But God, I can't go in there!!"

"Imprisoned in this place-
dare I expose my face?
My shame has been revealed-
where can I stay concealed?!
I know, I know my shame!
Is that for which you came?
I surely know my need...
Will any intercede?

I'm not in here alone.
For though my deeds are known,
One stays here at my side
and bids me to abide.
For God has seen my heart.
His Presence would impart
grace and mercy true-
for He knows what to do!

Would you reach out, as well?
So wretched be this cell!
So true, I know my shame-
but have you purer claim?
Still, in mine inner rage,
no voice comes nigh my cage.
Would Jesus Christ alone
the only Guest be known?"

How many of you dare to be Jesus and visit me in this place?
How many of US dare to be such?
"But what if someone from the church sees me around that place?"
So continues the argument within...

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