Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Memorial approaches...I am grateful.
So many--the emotions that exist.
So many are the memories...some so fresh;
without number, loved ones that are missed!
A celebration tempered, yea, and somber,
as names and faces ever come to mind;
one by one, we see with rightful favor
as gratitude and honor do we find!

Memorial approaches...with emotion.
Just a "three-day weekend" to supply?
If we can only see a break from labor,
then we are truly blinded by a lie!
Take that time to truly honor heroes-
for they are very easy to locate!
Look around--so many are affected,
and gratitude due unto them be great!

Memorial approaches...give it reverence:
shake a hand...say a prayer...give thanks!
Each of them befallen deserve honor
regardless of the branches or the ranks!

Memorial Day?
Again, I struggle with that thought that it is only one day!
Surely them that gave all deserve more!
God bless you families with such heroes in your lineage.  I, for one, am very thankful, and I share in your loss.

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